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My Favorite Things 2013 Part I

That time of year has rolled around again.  I regularly get asked what pieces of technology I am most intrigued by and the ones that make our art here at The 401k Study Group a little easier to create.  Here are the first 5.  Now there is a catch.  My most favorite Thing this year is not on the list.  That piece of info will be individually delivered to the first 10 people that email me at  I will give you a hint:  It is very inexpensive and I think it is a must have for anyone who is looking to see if their messaging is reaching their target audience.  Thanks to all of you that read, listen, watch and comment on our work.  We are thrilled you share your time with us.  Now, onto the list.


#1. |  I have written about this separately in another blog post.  You can read the details here.  I do want to say that the ability for anyone professional (celebrity or not) to have a platform that allows them to take calls, share their expertise and get paid works for me.  On the flip side, if you are looking for help, Clarity provides a growing list of experts that you normally wont be able to reach out and call.  Check it out.


#2.  Trello | This task management platform is simple.  Easy to use and intuitive.  It works on a simple card system that you can drag and drop.  I like simple design and the interface for this is just that.  It works on large items and small recurring ones. It can synch with your desktop, phone or tablet.  And the basic version is FREE.  It also allows for collaboration.  There are many task management programs out there, but I really do favor this one.


#3. | Anyone that follows the work we do at The 401k Study Group knows we like to aggregate info and then have the ability to share it easily. is our daily newspaper platform.  We find an article that we think the 401k community would benefit from and we tag it and it appears on our news paper.  You can highlight, edit the title, add a photo.  The page itself can be indexed, searched and allows for comments.  It also allows other members of the community to “Re-Scoop” your article and use it for themselves.  What a resource if you are trying to provide a one stop shop for news aggregation.


#4.  Buffer App | I have mentioned this tool in the past.  However in many of my conversations with Advisors I hear them struggling with finding content and then struggling even more with finding the time to post it.  Rest assured I do not have a Harry Potter wand.  I also do not have more time in the day than anyone else.  I use Buffer to tag items for posting  to my social networks at a predetermined time.  LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter.  All of those platforms integrate.  Find the items you want to post then just load your Buffer.  Go way on vacation and items still post.  Wait, maybe it is magic?

logo-og#5.  Klout | There has been a lot of hand wringing and gnashing of the teeth over on line influence sites. There are many opinions both pro and con about their accuracy and validity.  I will only say this, just be aware they exist.  I will not hypothesize that  you can get your dream job if your Klout Score is an 80.  I will also not agree that if your score is a 20, you are not influential.  Just be aware. Take a few weeks and check one of these sites out.  There are many.  I favor Klout, but you may chose one of the others.  See what makes them tick, if they are important to you work at trying to raise your score.  It means you are doing the work.

That’s it. My favorite 5 of 2013 so far.  But don’t forget, the tool that I love the most this year is not listed.  If you want he dirt on it and why I really do think this is one of the best tools an Advisor can have, shoot me an email.  The first 10 get to hear about it.  If your number 11 hit me up on  Schedule a call.

Thanks for reading!