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Cashing in on Cash Balance

Join me and Jason Grantz, QPA, AIFA from Unified Trust as we discuss how to grow your business and your client assets with a Cash Balance Plan & Defined Benefit Plan. Unified Trust is a fiduciary and a corpororate discretionary trustee.



 The Steps


1)   Join The 401k Study Group, Study Our Library, Listen,Watch, Use our Logo.
2)  Go Tell Someone You Are Interested In Their Plan, If Needed Ask Them For Help Or A Favor
3)  Study Your Retirement Plan Specific Compliance Forms
4)  See #2
5) Begin To Decide What Role You Will Play
6)  See #2
7) Get A Designation
8) See #2
9) Change Your Communication Material & Website
10) See #2
11) Choose a Prospecting Source
12) See #2
13) Choose A Worksite Tool
14) See #2
15) Interview Vendors
16) See #2
17) Determine If You Want To Do Joint Work
18) See #2
16) Attend A Conference

All Along The Way: Go Tell Someone You Are Interested In Their Plan
WHY: It is the hardest thing you will do and the most valuable. Remember “That which you think you cannot do is the very thing you must do first”.



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No this is not a reference to the Chesapaeake Bay in our backyard or the delicious crustaceans within . It is a football story. Back in high school in the land of Squanto and The Pilgrims, my partner recalls playing football as a teenager and the brutal practice routines devised by his maniacal coach. Many a tough offensive or defensive lineman from his Cape Cod town were brought to the depths of their despair when these words were hollered during practice…… “CRAB IT””

“CRAB IT” meant hell for any offensive or defensive lineman looking straight up the steepest hill on the practice field knowing they would not have the luxury of running like the backs or receivers but would be faced with an all fours crab walk at full speed in both directions. Try it in your living room sometime, keep your head up and your butt down, walk on all fours for a few steps. Now you are getting it. Oh yeah, did I say you needed to put on full gear and a helmet.

THE SEGUE: You have to be tough and tenacious to behave like a media company. Feeding the social content beast is hard work taking years and dedication. A digital, interactive platform takes all you have, all your resources and all your intelligence to support and nurture. You gotta “CRAB IT” most days and be patient on all others. Suffer, smile, work, give, connect, collaborate, deliver, drive, interact, influence, learn and grow.

We believe Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuk. Meaningful work is tough but worth it, risky but rewarding…….and it helps to have a partner who can “CRAB IT” with the best of them!

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We Are ALL Media Companies First

Every business needs to start thinking and acting like a media company. All companies need to be putting out content. Period. This is what I believe in….Gary Vaynerchuk