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July 14, 2014



by The 401k Study Group ®

baby-chick-and-an-eggHe does it all, “JUST LIKE CHICKEN”. The chicken egg is natures miracle to human nutrition. It is one of the few foods on which humans can solely exist. Indeed a miracle. Chicken, in the clucking form is also a miracle food as it can be prepared in many ways. Roasted, Broasted, Broiled, Boiled, Sauteed, Grilled, Steamed, Stewed, Fried….you get the picture.

Chuck Hammond is like the egg and the chicken combined for the 401k industry. He can, in fact, do it all. How and why you wonder? He is digital, social, and scalable with measurable intelligence. He is a servant first and a merchant second. He is a bright star on the horizon. A new voice with deep experience. A catalyst, a disruptive force, a change agent. Your best friend when you need him and unfiltered counselor along the way. And yes, perhaps the only food you need in serving the 401k industry. The ultimate wingman!

I have produced a short video to highlight recent demand for Broker/Dealer search inquiries. You may not need these services today but tomorrow you might need others. So, if you don’t like fried chicken in July you might want it grilled in August.

Enjoy the short video and come back for more when you get hungry!

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