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June 20, 2014

401k Video That Gets Leads and Referrals

by The 401k Study Group ®


Most people that have had the chance to speak to us know that we are always on the lookout for tools that help an Advisor scale his/her practice. They may be a on-line risk tolerance quiz or a mobile app.  However, our favorite has always been any content that can be consumed in an on-demand fashion.

Content needs to do three things.  It needs to Excite, Educate and Convert.  Building it can be expensive and time consuming.  We speak from experience.  We have spent loads of both time and money on content.  We also know that people may not be ready to consume it when we want.  So it needs to be accessible and sharable.

Foglifter does just that for Advisors.  Brad Hunter has become a friend of The 401k Study Group ®.  We love what he has built.  Not just the whiteboard animation but the entire capture and call to action platform.  “Erasing the Fog” is a process that enables Advisors to publish and capture potential clients and referrals built on a platform that is shareable, scalable and measurable.  It saves the Advisor time and money.  It has built in call to actions.  It can be integrated right into your website, social media platforms or into an email campaign.

Outsourcing any part of marketing and education is something that many Advisors need to consider.  Recently we had Brad on our Blog Talk Radio Show.  You can listen in here.  He has made a very generous offer to Members of The 401k Study Group ®.  You can read about the offer here.  If you want to take advantage of the reduced and guaranteed pricing you should listen to the entire show.  Make sure it’s for you. Then, contact Brad mention the answer to the question and you are off and running.  There are only 5 spots.  Don’t wait.  We have already referred 5 Advisors to Brad and they are in various stages of implementation.  Give yourself a gift of a 24/7 365 employee that lives on the web.

Hire FogLifter and Erase the Fog!

Photo Courtesy of via Flikr CC 2.0

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