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April 3, 2014

Are You Social With Your Media?

by The 401k Study Group ®

imagesTUHHU1IPDo you understand the question? Simply possessing a  LinkedIn or Twitter account is not social. Telling others about yourself on LinkedIn or Twitter is not social. No tool for digital communication is inherently social. There must be interaction and there must be acknowledgment. There must be 2 way conversation. There must be a gardener, a weed puller, a community manager.

The word “Social” derives from the Latin word socii (“allies”). Can you create allies without interaction and acknowledgment? We doubt it. Building a “Tribe” is a daily endeavor involving content creation & identification, communication, acknowledgment, recognition, discourse, opinion, sharing, caring and especially authenticity. That is how you put the “Social” into Social Media.

Here is an oldie but goodie “Telling Is Not Selling”. Try to remember the biggest most self centered bore you ever met at a party. Did you ever want to talk to them again? NO! Now draw your mind to that person who asks you questions, acknowledges your point and feels genuine and authentic. Bet you saw them again and remembered it. Then you could joke about the “Bore” you met at the party.

There are 14,630 openings on LinkedIn for Community managers. The last time I looked there were 12,000. If you need one call us:)

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