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February 6, 2014

“The Tap” on the shoulder

by The 401k Study Group ®


Are you ready for the tap on the shoulder? What is it you ask? “The Tap”, is a behavioral response, a reaction to generosity, a reciprocal action. It is a trust indicator,prospecting response and validation.

When you get “The Tap”, you will look up and see a manager,owner or executive asking for your service. “Can you help me with my stuff” they will ask? Try not to let your mouth fall open or smile too broadly. Don’t stutter or fumble with your words. Expect it as a natural response to your caring and participation. Be prepared with an appointment card or questionnaire. Then be sure to go right back to what you are doing to earn that response. Unconditional service to the rank and file workers.

The best part, everyone wins. Workers get desperately needed financial guidance, management can “preview” the advisor, ownership gets a full service solution and advisors deliver success outcomes while prospecting. Look for “The Tap” in a workplace near you and recognize the sign of a remarkable solution delivered locally and in person.

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