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January 15, 2014


by The 401k Study Group ®

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The only thing that matters is the sales process CLOCK. Experienced corporate retirement plan advisors know it takes 12 -18 months to land a 401k prospect. How are you going to start the CLOCK? Do a bunch of investment analysis? Read the regulations? Google it? Sign up for a class, webinar, or seminar? Write a business plan, build a website, write a blog? Sounds good right? Sounds active right? Please consider this carefully, perhaps write it on your palm. It will create a great conversation in your next meeting.

“Don’t confuse activity with productivity”

The actions above while all logical and perhaps necessary will not start the CLOCK. Only a sincere attempt to inform your prospect is productive. You must be intentional to get the CLOCK started. Productivity is nose to nose contact with anyone who will listen, with you describing your desire, interest or commitment to the prospect ie: HR director, CFO, Plan administrator, VIP, Health Broker, P&C Agency, Centers of Influence, Fellow Board Members, Church Committee member, Charity member….the list goes on and on.We have daily case studies on “wins” by our Tribe members. The opportunities abound. Go tell someone even if it is wrong. You will learn and grow….and about 12 to 18 months out you will have just as many new business opportunities as you want plus you will land a few along the way.


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