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December 5, 2013


Don’t Hide! Please.

by The 401k Study Group ®


LinkedIn is my go to social networking site.  The site has a large number of features I like, the ease of posting, sharing and connecting is very appealing.

Recently I have seen an increase in the number of people viewing my profile anonymously.  I know I am handsome, that award winning smile and the close cropped hair are well, wonderful.  But let’s not be anonymous.  If I post something that gets your attention, connect with me.  If I post something you find useful, let me know.  If I post something you DO NOT agree with, shoot me a message.

The power of being able to connect and share is what this is all about, isn’t it?  Why not be visible?  Why not connect?  If you found me by accident, that’s OK.  Who knows, I would love to connect with a photographer a chef, or a sommelier (or what ever the beer equivalent of that might be)!  Connecting with me does not have to involve 401k plans and Plan Sponsor issues or ERISA.  I think many of my connections have interest outside of the qualified plan space.

So let’s not hide.  If you are on LinkedIn, you are looking to grow your network and grow your business.  Who knows who I might be able to connect you with in my network.

Image credit to:  C.mcbrien Under CC-2.0 

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