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October 28, 2013

What’s Your Plan?

by The 401k Study Group ®

Featuring a Guest Post from James Holland | MillenniuM Investment & Retirement Advisors


I was recently asked by an Advisor friend what I thought of his new “opener” for prospects. He had the word Coach in there which is now being used more than the word Fiduciary. Everyone today is a “coach.   That led to the always popular topic of Elevator Speeches. Do they really exist?  No one talks on an elevator unless they want everyone to think they are crazy and no elevator rides last 3 minutes.  You have 15 seconds and 15 words to get someone’s attention.  “I help individuals SECURE the Financial Freedom”  “I help people obtain their retirement goals”  “I help people keep more of their own $$” is anyone else yawning?


Catch them off guard.  Retirement Plan Regulatory Changes are a silent killer, much like a heart attack.  HR Departments are swamped with ACA items for the rest of the year.  How will you stay in front of those decision makers?  ACA is a big deal but so are retirement plan changes.


Will you be remembered when they need help?  Will that elevator pitch make them pick up the phone when things go awry?  Stay top of mind because if you don’t the Advisor that has will get the call.  What is your plan to stay top of mind?  Do you have one?  If not, make one. 


Worry less about your elevator pitch, or opening and focus on staying in front of them.  Everything you try won’t work.  But keep doing it.  Remember, no one eats green eggs and ham on the first request. 

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