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August 30, 2013


Talk to the Experts, even Me!

by The 401k Study Group ®


A few months ago I read an article in Inc. by John Brandon (read it here). He discussed being able to talk with Mark Cuban or (one of my favorite people to follow) Gary Vaynerchuk when you needed business advice. Admittedly I was very excited. Being able to reach the most coveted “keynoters” for a fee was very intriguing. Being able to ask them pointed questions about my situation(s) was tempting.

I checked out the site Clarity ( and signed up. I used my LinkedIn profile to populate my profile and in a day or so I was in and on!

Alas, as with many things I am excited about I forgot I had done it, or what I would do with it.
Then four months later I get an email from stating that someone wanted to schedule a call with me. ME! Just like Mark Cuban. Get out, had to be some hacked account or an error.

I checked it out. It was not. It was a bona fide person, with bona fide questions about a tool for retirement plan Advisors. I was blown away. The caller was an expert in their field and not one in ours.  The caller’s daily profession had spurred an entrepreneurial desire to create (let’s just call it) a widget. I am very excited about the tool.

I am also very excited about the possibilities of what a tool like can bring to the Advisor community at large. Get paid, for talking. Take the calls from wherever you are, at the time of your choosing. Set your own fees.

I know that our industry is normally behind the curve. But if you are trying to build a solution that would allow you to get paid for your expertise a platform like Clarity may be the answer. Better still, nothing for you to build. I am sure there will be others but for now I am very enthusiastic about the future using this one.

Check it out and let me know what you think about the future of consulting.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

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