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Be A Digital Boy Scout


A Lesson from The United States Marine Corps


There is a famous military quote, “No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy”.  It could also read: no business plan; no social media marketing plan and no client acquisition plan survives the first attempt at implementation fully intact.

We get the privilege of speaking with many Advisors over the course of a month and inevitably  the conversations turn to some aspect of business planning.  Our members want to know what “other people” are doing and wonder aloud, “ how she does that” or “how does he find the time”. While we all have 24 hours in a day and we know top advisors implement like crazy, we also are aware that The Marine Corps motto holds true in the face of the best laid plans. Yes, despite rigorous training, contingency plans, air support and a vast array of other components a U.S. Marine knows that no matter what they thought, the battle will not go as planned.

Advisors are no different and while they must have a plan, they should be prepared to improvise, adapt and overcome at any moment. Current results show this as a key differentiator between Aspirational and Intentional members.

In the tech world you read about a “pivot”.  It’s the same thing.  But, we would much rather quote the Marine Corps.

P.S. The best golfers will all tell you that “On Course” adjustments are a major component of their success as well. Enjoy The British Open this week. Any predictions?


Dad, this stinks!


We all know that savings rates are deplorable.  That is not news if you are an adult with any money in any type of interest bearing account.  It is news if you are 10 and 7 years old.

Picture the typical day, you grab the mail and bring it in.  You announce that your children have mail!  They think great, a Lego magazine, or a SI for Kids, nope bank statements.  So there is a little shine off the penny.  But excitement none the less.

They open them to see how much money they made and I hear, “Dad this stinks!”.  It does.  As parents we have tried to explain banking and savings.  We have done a good job at instilling some semblance of thrift in our children.  But the economy is not helping them.

So here is my challenge to anyone that runs a bank or credit union.  Give children an incentive to save.  I understand you worry about assets bleeding when a generation moves on.  I understand the competition of on-line savings vs. brick and mortar.  If you want fans, hook them while their young.

Give children a reason to save.  That is my challenge.  Pay them an above average rate.  Or the next time my boys have some disposable income I will let them act on their entrepreneurial inclinations.  The Batman Lego set that came out 3 years ago is now selling for almost $300 on-line.  My son wanted to buy an extra an hold onto it.  I think he may have been correct.


The Twilight Zone

250px-TheTwilightZoneLogo - Copy

Imagine you work in St. Louis and your client opens a new location in San Diego and he plans to relocate.  The client has been one of your best sources of referrals for years.  He is the type of client you wish you could clone.  How do you keep the pipeline open?  How (or should) you expand your practice to that part of the country?

Well imagine you live in a world where technology allows you to bridge the gap?  Imagine tools that could help you educate, and connect without physically being in San Diego.  Are we really living in The Twilight Zone.  No.  We are living in the present.

In a recent interview with The PT Services Group we touched on how PT is assisting advisors in expanding their geographical reach with technology and outbound services.  It is happening now.

If you interested in how you can pursue expansion by using technology take a few minutes and read the blog post here .