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June 12, 2013

Why Podcasts Work For Us

by The 401k Study Group ®


We get a large number of questions about our show on Blog Talk Radio (you can listen here).  For years we have been (and still are) huge proponents of video (our own, our Sponsors and just good video).  If done correctly they can excite, educate and convert the viewer.  They are mobile and the analytics are great.

It took us two years to believe that audio content would be as well received.  We were scared for NO reason at all.  Our show has garnered almost 15,000 archived listens since January (2013).  We have covered software, hardware, marketing, social media and some various other topics that touch the qualified plan space.

Our goal is always to put out content that “moves the needle”.  We want an Advisor to listen, read or watch and be able to take that bit of info out that day and use it to strengthen an existing relationship or help them compete for a new one.

So we have not abandoned video (you can see our latest intro piece here).  We have not abandoned the written word.

If you have a unique business plan, a product that might help an Advisor, a web-based tool that will help an Advisor scale, call me.  Tell your story to an audience that cares.

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