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Push Back


Over the years my wife has asked why it is that people from Massachusetts are well … like people from Massachusetts. I have tried (with little success) to articulate what makes those of us from the land of the Boston Tea Party, act, reason and do the things we do. I have tried the accent thing; the land of The Pilgrims Pride thing; the Red Sox Nation thing; all to no avail.

Then I find it. It’s about push back. When the wind blows on the Cape, the houses push back. When the waves hit the beach, the beach pushes back. The weather man even has to get the last word in with the news anchors.

In our industry we have to push back. If we don’t persist, like the breakers on the beach, we erode away. When we don’t push back we let our partners act as if its our privilege to send them business. When we take “No” for an answer when what we need is a “why”, we have to push back. When we let the numbers interfere with the reasons we have to push back.

There is a reason why you have to stay off the sand dunes … they are there to push back!SandDunes

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Now Boarding for August


If you are a 401k Innovator.  If you have a product that you would like to get in the “hands” of Advisors with permission give us a call.

We are always on the lookout for something different, remarkable or disruptive.  If you have a tool, a site, a piece of software that you know can help a Financial Advisor scale her practice.   Shoot us an email.  Tweet us, Connect via LinkedIn.

If this is not you, but you know someone who fits the profile.  Share, it works both ways.

Happy to take a listen!

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“The only thing…


“The only thing that will get in the way of a good plan is the dream of a perfect one”


Smell The Roses

Smell The Roses

“The only way to smell the roses is to weed the garden.”
We weed it every day with you at The 401k Study Group.


Did YOU Reach today?



Why Podcasts Work For Us


We get a large number of questions about our show on Blog Talk Radio (you can listen here).  For years we have been (and still are) huge proponents of video (our own, our Sponsors and just good video).  If done correctly they can excite, educate and convert the viewer.  They are mobile and the analytics are great.

It took us two years to believe that audio content would be as well received.  We were scared for NO reason at all.  Our show has garnered almost 15,000 archived listens since January (2013).  We have covered software, hardware, marketing, social media and some various other topics that touch the qualified plan space.

Our goal is always to put out content that “moves the needle”.  We want an Advisor to listen, read or watch and be able to take that bit of info out that day and use it to strengthen an existing relationship or help them compete for a new one.

So we have not abandoned video (you can see our latest intro piece here).  We have not abandoned the written word.

If you have a unique business plan, a product that might help an Advisor, a web-based tool that will help an Advisor scale, call me.  Tell your story to an audience that cares.

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Participant Education | The Question Continues


We have always believed that the local Financial Advisor working on cooperation with a Proactive Plan Sponsor can make a difference when it comes to participant outcomes.  We also believe that when you unconditionally serve the rank and file employees good things happen for the employees, the Plan Sponsor and the Advisor.

The debate continues as more and more data is revealed about the effectiveness of: Auto-enrollment; auto-escalation; one-on-one enrollment meetings.

So when I come across a person that HAS seen it work, I am happy to listen to what they have to say.  Ed Dressel, the President of Trust Builders and TRAK is one of those people that does believe it works.

You can listen to how his product is helping Advisors garner more business and increase participant outcomes here

You can read his thoughts about participant education here

You can watch how his software enables Advisors to get away from technical talk and show participants the money and how time changes their outcomes here

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45,636 And Counting


I must admit, I have a side of me that really dislikes doing work twice.  Once I have done a task, I like to try and make sure if it needs to be done again it can be, with little to no effort.

That is why I have tried to organize information into three categories:  fingertips, footsteps and phone calls.

So when I learned about IPS Advisor Pro from a friend of The 401k Study Group I had to find out more. Any tool that can help Advisors scale is something I am interested in.

IPS Advisor Pro was created and is run by practicing Financial Advisors.  It provides a web-based solution for writing, changing and editing Investment Policy Statements.

We are all familiar with having an IPS for a qualified plan.  But how many of your individual, family or business clients have them for their accounts?  Can you make a macro change to all with ease from a Word Document?  Can you use an IPS as a way to market to high networth individuals?

Well listen to the interview that I did with Linda Lubitz Boone CFP and find out how easy it can be to use an web-based tool to streamline your practice and gain a competitive advantage.  After you listen, call and tell them Chuck sent ya!

Click HERE to listen.

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Outsource it ALL!


Technology can be troublesome. Learning something new and changing habits, is well … difficult.

Going mobile might be hard to understand. Paying an iOS (or any) developer can be time consuming and pricey.
Navigating and submitting to an ‘App’ store is new territory for many.

So why not outsource it all.

A few days ago I had the opportunity to chat with Craig Faulkner from FMG. He and his team build an “App” that is fully customizable for the Financial Advisor. Your name, logo and content stream, updated, programmed and available to your clients, it’s all in there.
You can listen to it here.

So why do it yourself? Outsource it ALL!


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