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The Barrage


a. A heavy curtain of artillery fire directed in front of friendly troops to screen and protect them.
b. A rapid, concentrated discharge of missiles, as from small arms.

The US Troops didn’t hit the beach on D-Day without first delivering a series of blows aimed at softening the defenses of the German troops. A football team sends a blocking scheme at the opposing defense in order to create an opening for the running back. Lawyers deliver an opening statement to sway jurors before arguments begin. What are you doing to soften the beachhead?

All advisors, wholesalers & stakeholders need to develop and deliver a program aimed at softening the landing zone. We prefer a collaborative, permission based platform that breaks down the jagged barriers and  creates a safe landing zone for all of us….Join Us So We Can Join You!


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A Bull Market Climbs A Wall Of Worry

  1. I’m worried about the next generation of small business owners/inheritors and whether they can make it!
  2. The statistics are not in their  favor!
  3. I’m worried about the next generation of 401k advisors and whether they will show up!
  4. The barriers are increasing!
  5. I’m worried about the next generation of American workers and if they will start saving?
  6. Most get NO workplace financial education!
  7. Worry is an emotion.
  8. “Logic will not change an emotion only action will”  Zig Ziglar
  9. The only way to climb the wall of worry is to ACT.
  10. That’s what we do every day in The 401k Study Group!
  11. We are bullish on small business, 401k advisors and American workers.
  12. Join us to ensure their success
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Would you rather …?

It’s a game children play. I assume, mostly boys play it. We have the books. If you are unfamiliar with the game it goes like this:

“Would you rather have to wash your mouth out with soap every time you said the word “the” or “share your bed nightly with a family of racoons?” Racoon

Not the most sophisticated of games but very telling, insightful even.

So let’s play a round of Qualified Plan “would you rather”:
Would you rather … play on the non-ERISA side of the coin or the ERISA side?
Would you rather … have the ability to avail plan participants of your other services or be a named Fiduciary on a plan?
Would you a rather … try and compete with large firms that charge as little as $350 for fiduciary services or would you rather add value and deliver meaningful education to participants?  ERISALetters

I am not saying we have all the answers. I do think we ask good questions.

I do not think the soap or racoons are all that appealing.

But once you decide on how you want to play your game of ” would you rather” let us know. We can help you either way.


Happy is …





Happy – A Documentary Trailer from Wadi Rum Films on Vimeo.


In 2009,thanks to Bernie Madoff, Wall Street, and various perpetrators in the mortgage food chain, we were congratulated in a broker-dealer conference for being ranked below lawyers and used car salesmen in public opinion. It was a difficult thing to experience triggering self doubt and remorse. Were we worse than the ambulance chasers? Would that be our legacy. Fight or flight? Unfortunately, the lizard brain, the amygdala was tuned in and flight was on the mind. Teaching and coaching here we come! But, what would the clients, many of them friends and confidantes do in the aftermath.  Fortunately, the fight signals kicked in,too,or so we thought , leading a journey to create The 401k Study Group.

Fast forward over 3 years. Watching and appreciating the documentary “Happy” we uncover the real reason why we created The 401k Study Group. Dopamine! Our lizard brains were not chiefly responsible for the creative outburst that would become the launching pad for our group. It was the Pre Frontal Cortex, our new brain, the dopamine manufacturer. Human beings have developed an innate longing to serve in community, to share, to grow, to learn, to collaborate, to release dopamine, to be happy. Tim Ferris, author of the 4 Hour Work Week and The 4 Hour Body,  said, at the WordPress conference, I blog for 3 reasons

To Love, To Be Loved and To Never Stop Learning.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves and remember

“(k)ollaboration is the new Competition”

Let’s Get Happy!


The 401k Study Group