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February 25, 2013


by The 401k Study Group ®



This is a story of redemption.

For years my technology skills have been better than my partner’s.   I will not regale you of the stories of cellphones in lunch coolers and the Blackberry that was dropped out of a canoe.  I will not go into detail about the trouble with changing email signatures in Outlook.  I will not share my constant frustration in trying to explain what an RSS Feed is and why you would want one.

What I will tell you is that my partner has come a long way.  He built both versions of our Study Group website.  You can find the public site here.  The private site is for members only.

He built our first mobile app.  No kidding, we have an app.  Yes, the kind that you can put on a Smartphone.  (COMING SOON! In that big, announcer’s voice)

He also just published our first e-book.  (COMING SOON! Ditto)IphoneImage

He has learned how to manipulate HTML.  He has learned what embed codes are and how to use them.  He has worked hard to be a student of simple, clean design.  He has learned how to blog and insert media.  He has learned that lean is sometimes better.

Why do I write all of this you ask?  Because I hear the constant hum of Advisors saying technology is too hard to learn. I hear the drone of “by the time we learn that it won’t work”.  It is and has never been about technology.  At the core, at the very heart of Chris learning all of this “technology”  was so he (we) could reach more people.  He also wanted a challenge, a creative muse (if you will).

So what’s the point? The point is that you can do these things too.  If you want to reach more people, or clients, or prospects (whatever you want to call them) use the technology.  But don’t forget it is about the people.  It takes time, it takes patience.  But in the end you have mastery.

So here we both sit, technology geniuses.  Basking in our glory, resting well knowing we have mastered one more frontier.

Wait a second, no he did NOT just ask me what our Twitter handle was again?!

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