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February 19, 2013

What if …

by The 401k Study Group ®

What if you woke up and read that some Senators were looking to change the way you did business?USSenate

What if you woke up and a new agency had been added to oversee how your industry did business?

What if the statistics that your industry promoted were not answering the bigger questions?

What if new regulations (if enacted) would alter the way you did business?

What if you would take on increased liability if you had to change your business model?

What if the fees you currently charge were being compressed?

What if the industry you practice in did not rank high in the “trust” category?

But then you realized it was all a bad dream!  This was not happening to you and your peers.  These things are absurd. Nightmare

But wait!  They are happening.  What should you do?  Who should you call?  Should you get your resume together?  Will you bury your head in the sand?Ostrich

I have been accused of being Chicken Little before.  I only had to be correct once for that moniker to go away.

Things are changing my friends and if we (the real We) don’t get together,  folks will be taking care of their retirement accounts on the webpage just behind their health insurance.

To read articles that inspired my remarks click here

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