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February 15, 2013

The Fear

by The 401k Study Group ®

ID-10075457I am not sure what will happen after we post a blog, or a podcast or record something for our on-demand library.  I will not be in the room with you when you read, listen or watch.  Sometimes we worry.  I honestly think that anyone that does this type of work worries (to some degree).

We can’t force anyone to share, or leave comments or like it.  We can only post and hope that it improves someone’s day at the moment they consume it.

On the other hand, we could do the work and then edit it, refine it, re-record it, re-edit it and on and on.  But then no one would see what we created, the piece that we want to be of value.

Seth Godin calls this creative activity “art”.  There is much meaning in that three little word.  Especially for someone(s) that have never considered themselves creative, or the slightest bit artistic.Palette

It took us a very long time to realize that we were creative.  In our industry it may not be fashionable to be creative.  In our industry it’s good to be analytical, where numbers and returns and stars and alpha matter.  They are important but isn’t the human side more important?

So here is a small challenge for those of you than fancy yourselves analytical.  Make some art (blog, podcast or video) and share it.  You share numbers, returns and expense ratios all the time.    Can you?  Or is something like this really The Fear?

After you create it, send it to me.  I love art, especially the non-numerical kind.  I get enough of that at my day job.

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